• REALE Ground

レアーレグラウンドの工事が始まりました!We have begun construction of the Reale Ground!

レアーレグラウンドの工事が始まりました!We have begun construction of the Reale Ground!






We have begun construction of the Reale Ground!

Thank you very much for always supporting Reale World.Construction of the Reale Ground has finally begun.

The planned ground site is located in Ito City, and although it is easily accessible, just a minute from Route 135, it is a wonderful land with abundant nature where you can see deer.With a view of the ocean and a pleasant breeze, we are excited just to imagine the children running around here.We are deeply grateful for the support of KEIHINBISO, Ms.Meiko Ito, and many Reale supporters.We want to make the Reale Ground a place where children can play soccer anytime.

It is still uneven and overgrown with weeds, but from here we will pour the soil, flatten it, and make it usable as a ground.

FC Reale coaches, parents, and players are also planning to participate in the ground building and make the parts they can do by themselves, but the parts that require heavy machinery to put in soil and level the land. We need a construction fund.

We look forward to your continued support.