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NPO REALE WORLは、希望ある世界を実現するために、今後さらにヒーロープロジェクトに力を入れていきます!


Kiran Kumar Limbu(Chemjong)
  • キラン クマール リンブー
  • 国籍:ネパール
  • 生年月日:1990年3月20日
  • ポジション:ゴールキーパー


Goalie Kiran has officially become the “Hero Project” leader of the NPO REALE WORLD .

Kiran, the first goalkeeper of the Nepal national team, has officially become a member of NPO REALE WORLD and has become the leader of “Hero Project”.

Kiran is the captain of the Nepalese national team and the first goalkeeper.

His desire to transform the Nepalese football society , where fraud and corruption are widespread, to create an environment where young players can play football with hope, and ultimately to transform the entire Nepalese society, It is the same as our goal.

We are sure that “Hero Project” will make a great leap forward with the official participation of Kiran, the current player of Nepal, in addition to Santos, a legend in the Nepal soccer world and the board member of NPO REALE WORLD.

This opens a big door to the bright future for Nepalese football players.

NPO REALE WORL will continue to focus on hero projects to realize a world of hope!

Kiran Kumar Limbu(Chemjong)

Date of Birth – 20 March 1990 (age 29)
Birthplace – Dhankuta, Nepal
Height -1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
Playing Position – Goalkeeper

Debut in Nepali professional club team of A division in 2008. in the same year  debut in Nepal National team.played 60+matches as the first goalkeeper in Nepal National team. He is also currently the captain of the national team.
Played in a number of club teams in and outside Nepal, played an active part in the leagues of India and Maldives, and won the league championship in both countries.
He is agile, has a quick mind and has the ability to lead the team.