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コーチからチャレンジャーへ!大友コーチ、ドイツを目指す Coach Otomo heads to Germany.

コーチからチャレンジャーへ!大友コーチ、ドイツを目指す Coach Otomo heads to Germany.







NPO REALE WORLDは、常に、子どもも、大人も、誰にとっても、自分を信じ、自分の可能性を信じ、夢に向かって行動できる「きっかけ」を提供する場所であるべく努力を重ねていきます!

From coach to challenger! Coach Otomo heads to Germany.

Coach Otomo, who has been working with FC Reale since May of this year, will change from coach to challenger on December 24th and will go to Germany.

After graduating from college, coach Otomo played in New Zealand and Australia, but returned home with a pandemic of the new coronavirus.

While waiting for a chance to play abroad, he originally loved children and became a coach of FC REALE’s junior youth.

“I think the ability of Oni Coach and Aya Coach to support what their children want to do is amazing.Effort and Gratitude are very important, as Coach Hato always says. But many people quickly get used to it and forget about it.I thought that the children of FC Reale were very fortunate, because there was an adult who continued to teach that, and it was an opportunity for me to review it “(Coach Otomo)

Along with the activities of FC Reale, he was looking for a way to play abroad.

“I enjoyed playing soccer with children at FC Reale. Above all, I was strongly impressed by the motivated efforts of the boy who has the dream of becoming professionals in the future. His hard work gave me the courage to take a step forward. “(Coach Otomo)

“I play abroad and come back to Japan if I’m satisfied with it!”

Despite Corona’s pandemic, coach Otomo, who has challenged his dreams and never gave up, has finally the possibility to play for the German team.

And today, we sent out our favorite coach Otomo with a smile and gratitude and promised to continue to support him.

NPO REALE WORLD is always striving to be a place where children, adults, and everyone can believe in themselves, believe in their potential, and act toward their dreams. !!