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(有)三村商事様よりシューズの寄付をいただきました!Thank you for your donation,Mimura Shoji Co., Ltd.,

(有)三村商事様よりシューズの寄付をいただきました!Thank you for your donation,Mimura Shoji Co., Ltd.,


NPO REALE WORLD の活動を温かく見守り応援してくださっている有限会社三村商事様より、スパイク37足、シューズ19足というたくさんのご寄付をいただきました。


With コロナの今、私たちが向かう先の国々、ネパールやアフリカ・ケニアは行くことも、物資を輸送することも難しい状況にあります。





NPO REALE WORLDは、プロジェクト活動を推進して、誰もが希望を抱いて生きる世界に貢献していきます。

We received shoes donation from Mimura Shoji Co., Ltd!

Thank you for your donation to the “World Friends Project”, which supports the fulfillment of children’s dreams and wishes!

Mimura Shoji Co., Ltd.,  that warmly supports NPO REALE WORLD’s activities, donated 37 pairs of spikes and 19 pairs of shoes.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mimura Shoji and other people who donated!

With Corona now, it is difficult for us to go to Nepal and Africa/Kenya and to transport goods.

The current situation is that we have no choice but to wait.

But the situation is always changing.

We are now preparing to be able to resume activities at any time.

We always send your feelings together with shoes so that it will be the “power” to fulfill the dreams of children.

NPO REALE WORLD promotes project activities and contributes to a world where everyone can live with hope.