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毎週火曜日の「英語サッカークラス」の可能性!Potential and Growth of “English Soccer Class”

毎週火曜日の「英語サッカークラス」の可能性!Potential and Growth of “English Soccer Class”

レアーレ イングリッシュの可能性と中学生たちの成長を感じる、毎週火曜日「英語サッカークラス」

今ある「壁」を全員で崩してOne team Family になる!

このことを目標に日々トレーニングに励んでいる子どもたち。レアーレ イングリッシュの成果が徐々にそして確実に現れ始めています。






FC REALEさんの投稿 2020年10月20日火曜日

Every Tuesday “English Soccer Class” where you can feel the potential of REALE English and the growth of junior high school students.

Everyone plays soccer with English.Let’s break down the existing “barrier” and become a One team Family.

Children are training every day with this as a goal,.The results of Reale English are slowly and surely beginning to emerge.

What’s more, we are happy about the growth of junior high school students!

The abilities necessary for teamwork, such as independence, independence, leadership, attentiveness, and concern, are cultivated in daily efforts, and their growth is remarkable and reliable.

We would like to continue to create an environment that nurtures the power of “how to achieve goals = survive” in relation to people of various ages and genders.

You can see our daily life on the FC Reale FB page,
“I want to try” “I want to support”
We ope to create the future with the same feelings as everyone who reads this.