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HERO Project Leader, GK Kiran, Got the MAN of the MATCH!! For International Friendly Match

The International Friendly Match was held on 29JAN and 01FEB at Kathmandu inviting the Mauritius national team from Africa.
The Nepal national team won the second match 1-0 again.
The Guardian Kiran brilliantly defeated them in a penalty shootout and superbly received the Man of the Match.

It is actually a miracle for a GK to receive it since the award normally goes to players scoring a point, which means he is the one of the greatest GK in Nepal soccer history.

Aged 31, Kiran is an experienced player, leading the national team as a regular GK and also as the captain.  
And he is also active for the REALE WORLD’s Hero Project leader to create the society of HOPE to Nepali children.

The start for the social contribution activities was the encounter with Santosh, the director of REALE WORLD.

They used to be teammates.

Through the guidance of the Director Santosh, Kiran assented the purpose of Hero Project and is now working on raising new heroes acting as a Hero Project leader.   

“I believe it is my role as a hero to tell not only soccer players but all Nepali kids that you can accomplish your dreams if you believe in yourself and keep making efforts. Also raising new heroes is what I need to do. And I would like to let them know the importance of respecting managers and teammates and the importance of controlling yourself.” (Kiran)

The Hero Project is for changing the world. 

The baton was handed over from the Director Santosh to Kiran, and from Kiran to younger players…We wish to the circle of the HOPE getting bigger and bigger 
REALE WORLD will go forward with the Director Santosh and Kiran!!

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)