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グラウンドプロジェクト〜子どもたちが、いつでも頑張れる場所作り Wish to Create A Space For Children

グラウンドプロジェクト〜子どもたちが、いつでも頑張れる場所作り Wish to Create A Space For Children












Wish to Create A Space For Children To Play Harder!We Kindly Ask for Your Cooperation

At the place of the REALE WORLD Representative Director, there is a roofed indoor ground called LOLO ground. It is open for children to practice freely on rainy day, on off class day and anytime.

Lots of children come for practice.
And there is a new second grade GK boy among them, coming so often.

He loves soccer but is not good at sports, having no chance to become a regular goal keeper. At the REALE CUP on the other day he played on the pitch for a couple of minutes and spent the rest of the time on the bench.

Still, he never be sulky and has strong wish to become a better player.
He practices hard independently with his mother during the time other children are having a fun.

At LOLO ground, equipped lighting system supplying electricity from the Representative Director’s place for night practice in order to respond children’s wish to practice harder.

But it is in site of her house, the area of the ground is good for one child to play and a few more at most.
The LOLO ground has been managed somehow by revenue from the shop run by herself.
Although it is small, the ground has been supporting lots of children by now. But it seems to become not enough anymore to accommodate children’s expanding seriousness.

We wish to produce a place where many more children can practice harder and stimulate each other. And also to let the good vibration from children spread to adults.   

In this way the GROUND Project have started.

A child begins to spark himself/herself into greater efforts, seeing a team mate who is making an effort. The wonderful chain reaction will activate the region and furthermore it will become a larger circle to activate the whole world.

We wish to create a ground to make this happen together with you.
We are so much grateful if you could become a monthly supporter, engaging the GROUND Project as a member of the REALE family.

We also appreciate your contribution on each occasion.
Please check “Contribution” on our HP.

Let’s create the world where people trying their very best would encourage many other people and many people could positively live their life with smile.
Let’s make it happen together.  

(Translated by Kaori Hattori )