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キラン選手が、AFCのウィークリーアジアベストプレーヤーで投票1位に!Kiran, The First Nepalese! Ranked 1st Place

キラン選手が、AFCのウィークリーアジアベストプレーヤーで投票1位に!Kiran, The First Nepalese! Ranked 1st Place






2020年度のキラン選手は、インドのプレミアリーグ「HERO I LEAGUE」で、「RoundGlass Punjab FC」のゴールキーパー及びキャプテンとしてプレー。チーム自体はリーグ2位で終わりましたが、2月の月間最優秀選手賞、リーグ通してのベストゴールキーパーを受賞しました。






Kiran, The First Nepalese!
Ranked 1st Place in Voting For AFC Weekly Asian Best Player!

It was a very sever year of 2020 to athletes due to Covid-19 crisis, and yet Kiran, the HERO Project leader of the REALE WORLD was hugely successful.

He won absolutely first place in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Weekly Asian Best Player by popularity vote, achieving the first brilliant feat as a Nepalese.

 “It was thanks to everyone that I was able to win first place. The first nomination for a Nepalese person and I believe the fact has a significant meaning to the sport of soccer in Nepal. Though there are still lots of challenges in soccer world in Nepal, I am very happy if I could make a positive contribution to Nepalese young athletes.” said Kiran.

Following Santosh, the scoring leader in Nepal League, the REALE WORLD could produce such a player who can colourize Nepali soccer history. It is our great pleasure.

In the year of 2020 Kiran played as a GK and concurrently as a team captain for “Round Glass Punjab FC” of the Indian Premier League “HERO I LEAGUE.” Though his team ended up placing second, he got the prize for the Monthly MVP for FEB and the Best GK through the whole league.

“It was my third year to play for the Indian League and I could receive prizes for the Monthly MVP and the Best GK, feeling so accomplished here. My next challenge is J2, Japan!” said Kiran.

The REALE WORLD is supporting with full effort Kiran aiming for higher!
The HERO Project continuously provides soccer shoes, gloves, training gears and also dietary educations.

The HERO Project is to change the world to the better place by raising children and the heroes who can lead the whole society.

Translated by Kaori Hattori