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中学生の練習試合遠征に、大人たちの熱いサポート!Adults fully supported the expedition of junior high school students.

中学生の練習試合遠征に、大人たちの熱いサポート!Adults fully supported the expedition of junior high school students.

目指せ「One Team」


今、レアーレは、One Teamとなることを目指して、サッカーも英語も成長しようということに、全員で取り組んでいます。



With コロナの中での遠征とあって、練習試合に行って帰ってくるまでの間、感染防止について出来うる限りを尽くし!





大人たちの情熱いっぱいの姿が、子どもたちを育むエネルギーとなって「らしさ」のあるユニークな 成長環境 を作っています!

未来、イキイキと生きている人間を育てる場、そんな REALE WORLD を目指して、私たちは、大人も子どもも 「OneTeam」で日々チャレンジしていきます!

Aim for “One Team” Promote the growth of children with the “passion” of adults!

On the 23rd, the first day of the 4th consecutive holiday,  junior high school students went out for a practice match after a long time.

Now, FC REALE is working together to develop both football and English with the aim of becoming a One Team.

The junior high school students were actively trying to use English, such as greeting Santos in English even during the practice match.

Adults watching over and supporting such children are also working hard!

Adults took care to prevent coronavirus infection until the children went to the practice game and returned.

Coach Otomo, who has been the main coach since this year, has taken on various challenges for the growth of children.

Coach Nakamura, who is a personal coach, gave accurate advice to the children.

This time, he also cooperated as a referee!

Other father coaches also supported me in every situation.

 Thea are so passionate.

The passionate appearance of adults is the energy that nurtures children.

That creates a unique environment like REALE.

In REALE WORLD, adults and children will become one team and challenge every day!