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みんなで子どもたちを育て、みんなで成長する!Raise children together and grow together!

みんなで子どもたちを育て、みんなで成長する!Raise children together and grow together!







Raise children together and grow together!

Today, we would like to talk about the spirit of Reale World.

A little while ago, Reale junior high school students played a friendly match in November.

We were very happy that the children who graduated from Reale and the children who went to another team from junior high school gathered at the game, and even elementary school students gathered, and in the afternoon, Everyone played soccer together.

Everyone seems to be really having fun, and the photos show that.
Thank you to all the parents who always take pictures.

Children who are still active in Reale, children who have gone to different teams, big children and small children gather in Reale like a family and enhance each other.

The fact that the children who have graduated from Reale will return to Reale in this way will inspire the children who are working hard at Reale and will improve their level.

A big child takes care of a small child.
The child grows up and takes care of the next children.
Coaches and adults around them support it.
In this way, everyone becomes a big family, everyone raises children, and everyone grows up.

Reale puts the growth of the children involved first and engages in daily activities.