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「レアーレイングリッシュ」 に子どもたちの元気な声が響いています! The energetic voices of the children are echoing!

「レアーレイングリッシュ」 に子どもたちの元気な声が響いています! The energetic voices of the children are echoing!

FCレアーレ・ネパールアダルトチームのアニッシュさんが講師となってスタートした「レアーレ イングリッシュ」は、準備していた2名の講師も加わり3名体制になりました!





「レアーレ イングリッシュ」をはじめ、NPO REALE WORLD は、未来を生き抜く子どもたちの生きる力を、育むことに全力で取り組んでいます。

【レアーレ イングリッシュ】子どもたちの元気な声が響いています!英会話クラス「レアーレ イングリッシュ」FCレアーレ・ネパールアダルトチームのアニッシュさんが講師となってスタートした「レアーレ…

認定 NPO REALE WORLDさんの投稿 2020年9月24日木曜日

The energetic voices of the children are echoing!English conversation class “Reale English”

“Reale English”, which was started by FC Reale Nepal adult team player Anish as an instructor, has become a three-person system with the addition of two instructors!

This time, let’s introduce a mixed class of 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade.
Shrada and Shulti are teaching the children! Like Anish, they devise each time and call out with a bright voice!

The children will naturally concentrate on the lessons, have fun, and speak out cheerfully!
As well as practicing soccer, active time is also born here.

The small screen of the personal computer is a window that connects Nepal and Japan.

This time is valuable to connect and learn with people living overseas while being excited with friends.

NPO REALE WORLD, including “Reale English,” is committed to nurturing the ability of children to survive in the future.
We will continue to develop further!
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.