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U11女子3名、県トレセン合格。彼女たちの成長とリーダーシップの発揮に期待!Three U11 girls passed the prefectural “TORESEN”.

U11女子3名、県トレセン合格。彼女たちの成長とリーダーシップの発揮に期待!Three U11 girls passed the prefectural “TORESEN”.












Three U11 girls of FC REALE have been selected as members  for  “TORESEN” that means prefectural football special practice.

We look forward to their growth and leadership!

Governments, companies, non-profit organizations, universities, etc. around the world are now working on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 toward the realization of a sustainable world. 

One of its goals is to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

The idea and trend that men should do this and women should do this should be reviewed and equalized. Furthermore, by empowering of women and girls, we will enable the realization of a sustainable world.

Three U11 girls have passed the prefectural“TORESEN”..

It is exactly that they have seized the opportunity to “strengthen their abilities” and support that both boys and girls are given equal opportunities.

We want them to do their best as an opportunity for their own growth!

And we all support them to grow into “leaders” who have good stimulation and influence in various situations by using what they learned there!

By demonstrating the individuality, abilities, talents, and potential of each child, both boys and girls, our bright future and the sustainability of the world will increase!

Through football, all of our efforts are connected to it.