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ネパールで活躍する日本から寄付されたユニフォーム Uniforms Coming From Japan

ネパールで活躍する日本から寄付されたユニフォーム Uniforms Coming From Japan














Uniforms Coming From Japan  Now Active In Nepal!!

The REALE CUP held over 8 days at the Reale ground in Nepal for Nepali kids and girls team who rarely have chance to play in matches.
FC REALE kids played as hard as they could even defeated in the middle of the tournament.

The competition is not as genuine as Japan’s REALE CUP but directed to the full extent possible with trophy cup for the champion and medals for MVP prepared and a group photo was taken. Everyone played aggressive games over 8 days until the final match cheered by local resident spectators.

Those pictures showing U12 and U15 taken at the REALE CUP.
Uniforms worn by players were the ones not in use any more in Japan but accepted gratefully in Nepal.
Uniforms are necessary to participate in matches but there are many kids from poor families who cannot afford in FC REALE.

Soccer is very popular and also costs money.

But still they can play with shoes and participate in competitions with uniforms contributed from Japan. That becomes a great hope for the future for them.

On the rough ground, with tattered balls and still with big smiles Nepali kids play soccer happily.
It is the one of the purpose of WORLD FRIENDS Project to let Japanese children know those children living in completely different environment through social contributions.

We wish to deliver a hope to children in Nepal and Kenya and cultivate Japanese children’s caring feeling, expanding horizons.
The WORLD FRIENDS Project is not for contributions but for making a world filled with hope and love.
Many people have been cooperating and taken part in the project until now.
We deeply thank you and appreciate if many more people would participate in the WORLD FRIENDS Project to realize wealthy world by strengthen thoughtful communications through shoes and uniform contributions.

Please visit the WORLD FRIENDS Project in the REALE WORLD homepage.

Thank you for your participation!

 (Translated by Kaori Hattori)