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World Friends Project Report–Rohan君 15歳ながら、アダルトチームで頑張ってます!

World Friends Project Report–Rohan君 15歳ながら、アダルトチームで頑張ってます!














World Friends Project Report
15 Year-Old Rohan
Playing in Adult Team!

The World Friends Project is to connect children all over the world through soccer shoes.
Providing opportunities for children with different culture, lifestyle and environment to understand each other and to respect a gap in the sense of values.

Today, we introduce Rohan from Nepal.

Rohan joined the FC REALE NEPAL at the time of its formation in Thimi in 2013.
He used to be a mischievous boy and didn’t like to study at school but loved to exercise.
At the age of 8, visited Ito-city in Japan for 20 days as part of the international exchange activities of the REALE WORLD, having good time with the FC REALE JAPAN kids and other local friends.

This experience stimulated him and after returning home he started to exercise harder than before.
Having a strong physique since he was little, he plays the position of forward as a member of the adult team.
While he is the youngest in the team, participated as in the Gold Cup as a forward the other day.
He doesn’t like studying at school as always but the strong passion for soccer supports him. His dream is to become a professional soccer player.

According to law, the people in Nepal are all equal but the caste system surely still exists in their mind. There is the wide gap between rich people and poor people in Nepali society. 

That causes terrible tragedy to the young born in low-caste or poor family like losing hope by societal discriminations or prejudices, or having a drug or alcohol habit.

That is the fact.

FC REALE NEPAL are welcoming any kind of children from any caste or any poor families if they wish to play soccer.
Most of them cannot afford to buy soccer goods and so, donated soccer shoes of the World Friends Project sent from Japan are used for everyday exercises.

Bal Gopal of the FC REALE NEPAL coach says,

“Through the FC REALE activities, we try to heal their trauma and lead them to positive way to live. As a result of making efforts, some are scouted for professional teams or got a scholarship to collages. The door to the future will be open by making efforts.
And those soccer shoes and goods sent from Japan can raise their motivation very much.To Nepali kids, Japan is the place they long for, because developed in economics and also strong soccer team. They are striving to do their best with encouragement from Japan.”

Through soccer, the World Friends Project try to make the society where children all over the world can connect, accept differences and respect each other.
We, the REALE WORLD will widen the circle of Hope through the World Friends Project.

English translated by Kaori Hattori