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アルコール消毒液120本が届きました! 120 bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer have arrived!

アルコール消毒液120本が届きました! 120 bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer have arrived!





NPO REALE WORLDの活動は皆様のさまざまなご支援に支えられています。


120 bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer have arrived!

Now that the number of people infected with the new corona is increasing, FC Reale is operating with proper infection control measures in accordance with the instructions of the health center and the guidelines of the Japan Football Association.
Therefore, hand sanitizers were needed on a daily basis.

At that time, 120 bottles of alcohol hand sanitizer were sent by our auditor, Nakafutami.

Coaches who volunteer and enthusiastically guide children, parents who voluntarily repaired indoor ground doors, supporters who donate goods and activity funds, NPO REALE WORLD board Members etc. All the adults surrounding the children work together to form a team and run FC Reale.

Alcohol hand sanitizers are used for daily FC Reale practice and at our soccer tournament, the Reale Cup.

The activities of NPO REALE WORLD are supported by your various support.

We thank you for all your support, and the management staff and board members will do their best to do what they can.

Thank you for your cooperation.