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FCレアーレの保護者の方から新品の子供服を寄付していただきました。Thank you for donating new children’s clothing!

FCレアーレの保護者の方から新品の子供服を寄付していただきました。Thank you for donating new children’s clothing!













子どもたちが希望を持って生きられる社会、生まれた環境で将来が制限されない社会、サステナブルな社会を実現するために、NPO REALE WORLDは、これからも力強く活動を続けていきますので、2021年も、ご支援のほどよろしくお願い申し上げます。

Thank you for donating new children’s clothing!

Although the report was very late, the parents of FC Reale donated new children’s clothing.

Due to the influence of the corona pandemic, not only overseas travel but also the shipment of luggage overseas continues to be restricted, and we have not yet been able to send it overseas this year.

However, the donated trainers, T-shirts and trousers will be delivered responsibly to overseas children in need of clothes!
We are really thankful to you!

inform about the donated items.

● Only new clothing such as jerseys will be accepted.

In many cases, it is better to buy clothing locally than to pay for shipping and send used clothing. Therefore, as a general rule, we only accept new clothing such as jerseys. As for clothing other than training wear, some clothing may not be worn depending on the local lifestyle, so please let us know the type of clothing before sending it.

● Please donate the shipping fee together with the donated item.

Shipping fee 500 yen per pair of shoes
Shipping fee 200 yen per piece of clothing
Please send it together.

Shipping and customs duties are incurred to send packages overseas. The current situation is that it costs about 20,000 to 100,000 yen (depending on the weight and location) to send a piece of cardboard. Therefore, please cooperate with a part of the shipping fee together with the goods.

We want to send something that is really useful locally, in order to support local children and to prevent things sent overseas from becoming garbage.

NPO REALE WORLD will continue to work vigorously in 2021 to realize a society where children can live with hope, a society where the future is not restricted by the environment in which they were born, and a sustainable society. Thank you for your support.