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子どもたちの成長 OBからの寄付に次の世代を思う「心の育ち」を感じて。

子どもたちの成長 OBからの寄付に次の世代を思う「心の育ち」を感じて。

NPO REALE WORLDで育った子どもたちは、次の世代、今、頑張っている子どもたちの練習のサポートに来てくれたり、遠くにいても気にかけてくれ、自分に出来るカタチで活動を支えてくれています。




【REALE Supporter】

Donations from FC REALE graduates showed “mind growth” to think about the next generation

Children raised in NPO REALE WORLD come to support the practice of juniors, care about FC REALE even if they are far away, and support our activities in the form that they can do.

Not long ago, when we sent our 2019 Annual Report, after a while, one of our alumni sent us a donation. The chairman of the board, Miyoshi and other coaches all felt proud, happy, and a lot of joy.

The thoughts and actions of the graduated children have realized the ideal form for raising the next generation together.

By firmly receiving the hearts of children and turning them into power, we will continue to enhance our activities and expand our circle!