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英語しばり&コイン争奪の「火曜の夜練習」Only English allowed & Scramble for coins on Tuesday night

英語しばり&コイン争奪の「火曜の夜練習」Only English allowed & Scramble for coins on Tuesday night










Only English allowed & Scramble for coins on Tuesday nightA board member put his whole body into it !!

Exercised on Tuesdays are English speaking along with exciting games to struggle for coins from foreign countries provided by the director.

This time our board member, Mr. Kitamura on his business trip kindly stopped by the head-office with companions and also participated in FC Reale’s “night fever.”

Exercises started with three guests. One of them, Mr. Kevin happened to be a professional trainer.He was kind enough to accept our request, demonstrating warm-up in fluent English.

Formed four teams by children and adults, and the match finally started.
The more enthusiastic they became, the more Japanese words rushed out.

That was challenging.

Under the starry winter night, everyone of them run around desperately toward the goal, shouting “Get a goal!” 
“Win the game!” The look was far from frozen winter.
When the match finished, they praised each other for brave fight, and the prize coins were happily awarded to the winning team.

Not only children but also adults get together, becoming absorbed in something.

The flow of time takes away opportunities to share those precious moment but our team, FC Reale can get together through a sport of one ball and can feel all kinds of emotions with the whole body and mind; innocent, desperate, joy, disappointing, changing and growing.

Mr. Kitamura and dear guests, thank you for your time joining us.Mr. Kevin, thank you for warm-up.

We are so grateful to show how we spend time, promising to work harder for English learning and football.
Looking forward playing together again.