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FC REALE Senior team Challenging Nepali Professional League プロリーグCディビジョンに今年もチャレンジ

FC REALE Senior team Challenging Nepali Professional League プロリーグCディビジョンに今年もチャレンジ






そんなFCレアーレネパール シニアチームの練習試合が、前日もカトマンズで行われました。



FCレアーレネパール シニアチームは、現在、Cディビジョン昇格トーナメントへ向けて最終準備に入っています。


Challenging Nepali Professional League C Division Again!!

FC REALE Nepal has U12, U15 and senior team formed by the youngs in their late teens and early twenties.

Players in the senior team started from zero, targeting to turn professional. They are now training hard for a promotion examination to C Division (equivalent of J3 in Japan) held in May and June. 

The senior team is formed by children from former U12, U15, coaches and the local youngsters. Their attitude challenging C Division motivate U12 and U15. The only one team can have a chance to promote C Division per year, and it might be difficult to achieve at the first attempt or second but their challenging spirits will surely teach something special to younger generation. 

FC REALE Nepal senior team played practice games in Katmandu the other day.

Shoes they wore for the games were handed them in winter 2020 shipped all the way from Japan as a part of the HERO Project. All of the players are doing their best encouraged by all of your support from Japan.

It has been 8 years since FC REALE Nepal begin. With great difficulty we have managed to challenge C Division. It is thanks to everyone in Japan that we have come this far.

All of the players and coaches are deeply thankful.

FC REALE Nepal senior team’s final preparations toward the C Division promotion examination are under way. 

We appreciate your continued support all the time.

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)