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「ロログランド」にご寄付いただいた人工芝が到着!Artificial turf arrived at “LOLO Ground” from SAKICHI FACTRY

「ロログランド」にご寄付いただいた人工芝が到着!Artificial turf arrived at “LOLO Ground” from SAKICHI FACTRY


ご寄付くださったのは静岡県藤枝市に拠点を置くサッカークラブ「SAKICHI FACTRY」さんです。



NPO REALE WORLDは、常に前を見て、今できることに精一杯取り組んで行きます。

Artificial turf arrived at “LOLO Ground” from SAKICHI FACTRY

We have begun repair work on  “LOLO Ground”,a small ground for children of FC REALE.

We went to pick up the donated artificial grass.

SAKICHI FACTRY, a soccer club based in Fujieda City Shizuoka Prefecture donated artificial turf.

We are grateful to “SAKICHI FACTRY” for giving us a lot of used artificial grass in good condition. 

We have begun preparations such as dropping sand from artificial grass.

Japan has now been declared an emergency, but the epidemic of the new coronavirus is still ongoing. 

We can’t practice together for a while. But It is the time to improve the environment. We will do our best for repair work!

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!
NPO REALE WORLD is always looking forward and working hard on what it can do now.