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FCレアーレのOG選手がイギリスリーグにチャレンジ!FC Reale graduates challenge the British League!  

FCレアーレのOG選手がイギリスリーグにチャレンジ!FC Reale graduates challenge the British League!  

NPO REALE WORLDは、これからの「多様性」の世界で、女子のリーダー育成を目指します。





With コロナの中でも、チャレンジしたいという私たちの「ノック」にドアを開けてくれたSheffield United Women Football Club には心から感謝しています。





NPO REALE WORLDは、男子、女子、すべての「それぞれ」が持てる力を発揮し、活き活きと生き抜く力を育み、社会を明るく元気にリードする人間の育成にますます力を注いでいきます!

We supported the overseas challenge

NPO REALE WORLD aims to develop female leaders in a world full of “diversity”.

This fall, we supported an overseas challenge for a girl who is a graduate of FC Reale.

It is a challenge to the highest level British soccer in the world.

Not only the level as a player, but also various abilities such as language ability for communication and leadership that can have an opinion and act on what is happening in society are required.

As a coach, Santosh, a board member who was a representative player of Nepalese soccer, took on the challenge with the players in Japan and in England.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Sheffield United Women Football Club for opening the door to our “knock” of wanting to take on the challenge in With Corona.

Unfortunately she didn’t pass the trial itself this time, but it’s very valuable to be able to experience British football.We are already preparing for the next challenge.

The England Women’s Soccer League has a three-part system, and this time we challenged to a team in the second division.Now we will prepare well and try the team of the first division league!

NPO REALE WORLD will continue to focus on developing leaders in a new era that will lead society brightly and vigorously!