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伊藤明子さんへの感謝を込めて ! With gratitude to Meiko Ito

伊藤明子さんへの感謝を込めて ! With gratitude to Meiko Ito








With gratitude to Meiko Ito

In July 2020, we lost our irreplaceable companion.Meiko Ito has been supporting our activities ever since we started the Fair Trade Shop, the predecessor of Reale World.

She provided a lot of support, such as Reale emergency goods, drinks, ground fees for practice and activity costs in Nepal, and supported us mentally.

It is because she was there that there is now Reale World.It is because of her presence that we can start the ground business.

Since we founded the nonprofit organization, she has supported our activities as a board member, and even cared about the staff in the field, and she was like the mother of Reale World.We would like to thank Meiko and her family for supporting many people, from children to adults, involved in Reale World.

It was a very sad and painful event for us that Meiko passed away at the young age of 59.
It is our remaining role to return the great affection she gave to society through this ground project.

Meiko, thank you very much.Our long-awaited Reale Ground Project is finally here.
May the gratitude of the children of Reale reach her!
We will continue to do our best to respond to her love that she has given us.