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バルゴパル監督がANFAに提言 「ネパールのサッカーの発展には、レフリーの質の向上が必須!」

バルゴパル監督がANFAに提言 「ネパールのサッカーの発展には、レフリーの質の向上が必須!」








CYC  head coach, Bal Gopal proposed to referee.

At a press conference, CYC( Chyasal Youth Club)  head coach, Bal Gopal proposed to referee.

He said that improving the quality of referees is essential to the development of Nepal’s football.

Behind the fact that Reale World chose CYC for the partner with hero project, there was a condition that FC Reale’s head coach Bal Gopal would become CYC’s head coach.

He has some of the most advanced thoughts among the Nepalese, and he fully understands what Reale World is trying to do.

He said,
“Currently, the quality of referees in Nepal is too low. At the same time as training the players, we must also train the referees.”

It’s a great power to carry out a hero project if he sends such a message as a head coach.