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Jリーグ選手から シューズとキーパーグローブ寄付いただきました!J. Leaguer Contributed Us Shoes and Keeper Gloves!

Jリーグ選手から シューズとキーパーグローブ寄付いただきました!J. Leaguer Contributed Us Shoes and Keeper Gloves!






J. Leaguer Contributed Us Shoes and Keeper Gloves!
Approving Our Activities

High-spec models for the professionals in good conditions.Thank you so much!

Those professional model gears rarely appear on the market in developing countries and are very expensive which never meet people’s income.Even soccer shoes used by professional players are in poor conditions, sewed up a rip again and again by shoe makers and used until tattered.

Professional athletes should be admired by children in the country.
The REALE WORLD wish to support through “the HERO Project” those athletes who are approving our “Sound upbringing of children” activities providing soccer shoes and necessary sports gears.

Nepal National team at the international match used bottles of water and spike shoes sent from the REALE WORLD.

Thanks to all of you contributing us soccer shoes and shipping fee.

We really appreciate your approving our activities and cooperation and thank you for your continuous support.

Translated by Kaori Hattori