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ネパールのキラン選手とチリン選手が、ネパールのリーグで活躍!KIRAN And TSHRING In NEPAL SLENDID WORK!!

ネパールのキラン選手とチリン選手が、ネパールのリーグで活躍!KIRAN And TSHRING In NEPAL SLENDID WORK!!



チリン選手はKathmandu RayZRsでDFとしてプレー。チームは優勝し、自身も1ゴールを決めました。


一方のキラン選手はDhangadhi FCでプレー。チームは準優勝し、自身は、ベストゴールキーパー賞を受賞。圧倒的な人気と守りを見せてくれました。






Nepalese soccer players, Kiran and Tshring supported by the HERO Project of the REALE WORLD are doing very well.

A Division (J1 in Japan) was cancelled due to Covid-19 in Nepal and alternatively the NEPAL Super League was held from APR through MAY.
At the Super League Kiran and Tshring made a spectacular showing.
Tshring played for Kathmandu RayZRs as DF, scoring one goal and led his team to a win.

“I feel very regretful playing without spectators for Covid-19 countermeasures, but I believe I could do my best. I was not selected for the National team for the World Cup Preliminary in JUN but now is the time to do training on my own and get the next chance.” (Tshring)

On the other hand, Kiran was playing for Dhangadhi FC. The team finished second. But he received the Best Goal Keeper Award, showing overwhelming force and popularity.

“We faced hard battles since all of the teams were strong but we tried our best for good matches. And I am proud of being selected as a Best Goal Keeper. Now I am aiming at the World Cup Preliminary, getting myself into good condition.” (Kiran)

Furthermore, he sent a message to Nepalese children;
“Now we are forced a lockdown and to stay home but try not to spend time meaninglessly but be active to do exercise in your room or garden.”

Thanks to all of your supports, the REALE WORLD is continuously supporting through the HERO Project Kiran and Tshring who are challenging hard to become role models to children.

We appreciate our great supporters and will keep making efforts to produce as many as leaders through the HERO Project.Thank you so much for your continued support!!

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)