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キラン選手、インドリーグで3度目の「ヒーローオブザマッチ」受賞! Kiran、Brilliant Achievement!!

キラン選手、インドリーグで3度目の「ヒーローオブザマッチ」受賞! Kiran、Brilliant Achievement!!

ヒーロープロジェクトで、私たちがサポートしているネパール代表GKのキラン選手が、インドのプレミアリーグのひとつ、HERO I LEAGUE で3度目の「ヒーローオブザマッチ」受賞しました。


キランの今後の予定ですが、3月いっぱいは、HERO I LEAGUEのプレーオフの試合があり、引き続きRoundGlass Punjab FCでプレーすることになっています。



Kiran、Brilliant Achievement!!
The 3rd “Hero of the Match” in Indian League

The GK of the Nepalese national team, Kiran of our Hero Project received the third “HERO of the Match” in one of the Indian Premier League, HERO I LEAGUE.This is a brilliant achievement!!

The HERO of the Match is given to the MVP in a match.Though GK rarely receive the prize, he got it three times through total 10 matches after 11 teams played round-robin tournament.

This is a brilliant achievement!! How else can we say it?

The team ranked in second place this season after all but he was a reliable captain of the team and also the team guardian deity of defense.

As future plans, he will stay with RoundGlass Punjab FC to play for HERO I LEAGUE playoff games until the end of this month. After that, he will try out the J. League once visa application services to Japan resume normal.

Thanks to all of your supports, The REALE WORLD is continuously supporting him through the Hero Project providing soccer gears as spiked shoes, gloves, training gears and also dietary educations.

All the supports will become the source to raise heroes and those heroes will become role models to other children to broaden the circle of hopes.

The Hero Project is for changing the world.
We thank you for your kind support always.

translated by Kaori Hattori