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キラン選手が「HERO OF THE MATCH」を獲得!Kiran wins “HERO OF THE MATCH”

キラン選手が「HERO OF THE MATCH」を獲得!Kiran wins “HERO OF THE MATCH”


そのヒーロープロジェクトのリーダーであるキラン選手が、1月29日に行われた、HERO I LEAGUEの第5戦で、「HERO OF THE MATCH」を獲得。「HERO OF THE MATCH」は、試合ごとに選ばれる最優秀選手賞ですが、ゴールキーパーが獲得することはほとんどなく、快挙です。

1月からスタートしたインドのプレミアリーグのひとつ、HERO I LEAGUE では、RoundGlass Punjab FCに所属し、チームを優勝に導くべく、毎試合素晴らしいプレーを見せてくれています。




Kiran wins “HERO OF THE MATCH” in the Indian league!

Kiran, the leader of the “Hero Project” of Reale World, won “HERO OF THE MATCH” in the 5th round of HERO I LEAGUE held on January 29th.

“HERO OF THE MATCH” is the best player award selected for each match, but it is a feat because the goalkeeper rarely wins it.

In HERO I LEAGUE, one of India’s Premier League, which started in January, he belongs to RoundGlass Punjab FC and plays wonderfully every game.

The team is in 8th place at the end of the 5 games, but it is Kiran’s belief that he will never give up. He says that doing his best in each match will help him advance his career, contribute to the team, and pave the way for his juniors.

Kiran wants to try the J-League again after finishing the Indian League.

In the Reale World Hero Project, we will continue to support Kiran with spike gloves, training equipment, etc., and provide dietary education guidance.

Thank you very much for your support in continuing these activities.

Together with Kiran, who is always positive about his dreams, Reale World will bring hope to many young players and children through the Hero Project!