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ネパールの子どもたちが希望を持って努力できる環境を!We want to create an environment where children in Nepal can live with hope!

ネパールの子どもたちが希望を持って努力できる環境を!We want to create an environment where children in Nepal can live with hope!




急速に空き地の住宅化が進む中、レアーレグラウンドは、FC REALEネパールの練習だけでなく、近所の子どもたちにとっても貴重な遊び場となりつつあります。

先日も、コーチ研修の実技実習中に近所の子どもたちが遊びに来てサッカーをやりたそうにしていたので、FC REALEネパールのバル・ゴパル監督がボールを貸してあげたら、お兄さんたちの真似っこしながらサッカーを楽しんでいました。












We want to create an environment where children in Nepal can live with hope!

We introduced a video of the practical training of coaches held at the REALE Grounds in Nepal on July 27th. The video shows the children in the neighborhood playing soccer.

From 42 seconds to 1 minute and 35 seconds of the video, you can see three children dribbling and passing and having fun on the left side of the screen.

The REALE Ground in Nepal installs and prepares a fence in a public plaza with donations collected by crowdfunding, and thereafter uses the donation sent to REALE WORLD to carry out annual maintenance. This allowed children to play soccer throughout the year.

As open spaces are rapidly becoming residential, the REALE Ground is becoming a valuable playground not only for training in FC REALE Nepal but also for children in the neighborhood.

During the practical training of the coach training, three children in the neighborhood came and said they would like to play soccer. So FC REALE Nepal coach Bar Gopal would lend them a ball they were enjoying soccer while playing.

If you look closely at the video, two of the three children are barefoot.

They’re barefoot in a muddy ground full of puddles, but they still seem to have fun.

In Nepal, the gap between rich and poor is large, and there are still many children who are physically disadvantaged.

A few children are practicing on a futsal court with covered turf, paying more than their school tuition fee.

However, many children are chasing the air-defying ball, dreaming of being a soccer player barefoot on uneven ground.

There are still many conservative people in Nepalese society, and there are discriminations due to occupation and birth, which limits children in the future and discriminates against children.

Even in such a situation, we want children to live with hope.

We would like to provide a place where all children can work toward their dreams regardless of their race, occupation of their parents, and gender.

We expressed that wish in a video.

(This video was produced by two Nepalese young people, Ramesh and Bim, who agree with the work of Reale World, and the narrator was Bal Gopal, FC REALE Nepal coach.)

Please take a look at this video.

You will feel the atmosphere and reality of Nepal, which is difficult to describe in words.

We will continue to work to create an environment in which children can make effort with hope!