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W杯アジア予選でネパールのヒーロープロジェクトメンバーが奮闘!HERO Project Members Strive and Make Great Effort!!

W杯アジア予選でネパールのヒーロープロジェクトメンバーが奮闘!HERO Project Members Strive and Make Great Effort!!










HERO Project Members Strive and Make Great Effort!!ASIAN WORLD CUP QUALIFIER 

Now the second round of Asian qualifiers for WORLD CUP 2022 are going on.
The national team of Nepal will play three matches from 03JUN to 11JUN in Kuwait.
Our HERO Project members, Kiran and Nawayug were chosen to represent NEPAL!

Kiran has been holding an established position of the regular GK for the national team since 2008.
Nawayug was not qualified for the National team playing for the International Exchange Match in MAR but even so, he staged a brilliant comeback to the Kuwait tour.

The team achieved a victory against Taiwan team by 2-0.
Kiran protected the goal firmly to the last.
Nawayug beautifully scored a goal once appearing on the pitch as a substitute.
They gave a boost to lots of soccer kids and fans forced nationwide lockdown in Nepal.

It is rather difficult even for national team players to get professional model gears in Nepal.
Thanks to all of your supports, the REALE WORLD is continuously supporting Nepalese national team players through the HERO Project providing soccer gears and also dietary educations.
The soccer spike Nawayug wore this time for the match is also from the HERO Project.

They will face tough oppositions from Jordan on 07JUN and from Australia on 11JUN.
“For Nepal and supporters in Japan I will play with all my strength!” said Kiran and Nawayug.

Let’s support them!
The HERO Project is to change the world to the better place by raising children and the heroes who can lead the whole society.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)