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日本から送ったピステが大活躍しています!We are practicing with piste from Japan!

日本から送ったピステが大活躍しています!We are practicing with piste from Japan!







We are practicing with piste from Japan!

Thank you for all your support for the FC Reale Nepalese adult team at the Hetauda Golden Cup.
Unfortunately, in the Hetauda Golden Cup, we lost to a team that hired top league players.

In fact, even within FC Reale Nepal, the head coach says he wanted to hire top league players just for the Golden Cup.
But in the end, he chose to challenge the fight with only the players on the team. He thought that gaining experience from the players was more important now than winning.

Currently, we have started practicing with the goal of the Nepal Pro League C Division (J3 in Japan) selection tournament to be held in May.

And the piste in the photo is playing an active part in training.
These were previously used for rental at FC Reale in Japan, and were purchased with donations from Reale supporters and sales of LOLO Sitoa.

After that, FC Reale in Japan stopped renting training clothes, so we sent them to FC Reale Nepal.

Your donations and shopping in Lolo Sitoa are still useful in Nepal.
Thank you for your continued support.

Encouraged by your support, we will do our best toward our next goal, the C Division Selection Tournament.