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新聞記事のスクラップ作業をありがとうございました!Thank you to all the parents!

新聞記事のスクラップ作業をありがとうございました!Thank you to all the parents!

子どもたちは練習で、保護者の皆さんは作業を通してSTEP by STEP





私たちが目指すOne team そして family!
一日一日、ひとつひとつを大切に、NPO REALE WORLD は皆さんのチームワークに感謝して確実に動き、確実に進んでいきます!


FC REALEさんの投稿 2020年9月12日土曜日

Thank you to all the parents for their cooperation in making T-shirts and scrapping newspaper articles all day long!

Minor and time-consuming work is essential to achieving a goal, and it contains a lot of “awareness,” “discovery,” and “grace.”

In the scrapping work of the newspaper articles of Santosh, a board member, parents could realize how great Santosh is as a soccer player.

We are really happy with it!

We thought that work = maximizing hope and possibility!

We aim to be a One team and a family.

NPO REALE WORLD is grateful for your teamwork and will move forward steadily day by day!