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未来のヒーローを応援したい!シューズのご寄付 Wish to support future heroes!! Shoes donation

未来のヒーローを応援したい!シューズのご寄付 Wish to support future heroes!! Shoes donation





Wish to support future heroes!!
Shoes donation

The board member, Mr. Kitamura joining us on Tuesday night made a pair of brand new shoes donation.

From hand to hand, the shoes was received by Akane MIYOSHI striving for world league on behalf of future heroes. We will deliver them to Kiran and other players,who try hard overseas.

We greatly appreciate your kind donation.

As an orthodontist Mr. Kitamura spend very busy day now but used to play football in his school-days.

“How exciting!” 

Feeling nostalgic, he participated in all matches and run around on the ground raising soil dust.

At the back stage we are supported by board members.
We will create more chances to get involved them directly through activities such as the Reale CUP.

Hero project will continue to deliver donated football shoes to those “future heroes” in Nepal and Kenya, seeking best shipping way as for amid pandemic.