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サッカーも英語も、幼児から中学生まで一緒になってレベルアップがレーアレスタイル!Let’s play soccer with English together!

サッカーも英語も、幼児から中学生まで一緒になってレベルアップがレーアレスタイル!Let’s  play soccer with English together!


2020年は今ある「壁」を外して 、One team でありFamily を目指し、学年や言語の壁のない場を用意して、サッカーに取り組むFCレアーレ。


One team 、Family !




Let's play soccer usin English‼️毎週火曜日 19時~ 対中にてサッカーをしながら、英語🔠も学べるなんて✨サントスコーチを中心にオニコーチ&はとコーチ&…

FC REALEさんの投稿 2020年8月5日水曜日

Let’s create a “reale style” together! !

In 2020, FC REALE will tackle soccer  aiming to become a One team and Family without a grade or language barrier by removing the existing wall.

Parents wrote articles about the changes that result from it!

One team, Family

I hope everyone can feel the signs!
Please read it.
Thank you for your warm support and encouraging support!

【Voice of parents】

Let’s  play soccer using  English

Every Tuesday 19:00~

With the support of Miyoshi coach, Kizaki  coach and Otomo coach centered on Santosh coach, children can learn English while playing soccer.

Above all, high school student  Akane-chan and  junior high school student  Genki-kun also support them.

So many people are taking care of the elementary school students and little children. REALE has a strong vertical connection.

Impressions of children 

  • ・Tuesday is especially fun.
  • ・English is difficult but fun.
  • ・There are many coaches and they can teach me carefully.
  • ・It’s embarrassing to return in English.
  • ・It’s fun because I can play for about an hour
  • ・Akane-chan and Genki-kun sometimes translate English into Japanese, so I can understand.
  • ・Because there are junior high school students, I can get a pass. etc

Everyone feels fun. Our children are lucky to be familiar with English while playing soccer. I am grateful to Aya Coaches for creating such an environment. Thank you!

I’m looking forward in many ways!!!