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サッカーチーム「FCレアーレ」は「個」にフォーカスする ①

サッカーチーム「FCレアーレ」は「個」にフォーカスする ①

REALE WORLDは、100年後も、⼈間の社会が持続可能であるように、多様な「個」が⼒を発揮し、共存しながら成⻑し続けられる未来の実現を目指しています。







REALE WORLDの理事であり、コーチのサントス・シャフカラがその中心となって、毎晩、時間のある限りミーティングし、「環境づくり」をリードしています。

“INDIVIDUAL” is Soccer Team “FC REALE” Focuses On ①

For 100 years sustainable human society,
we aim to realize a future for “individual” to exert great diversity and to continue growing and existing together in harmony.
For the purpose we offer “environment” and “opportunity” to be excavate, raised and exerted “the strength of the INDIVIDUAL” (ability, skill, sensitivity, potential etc) of the next generation of young men.

The soccer team “FC REALE” focuses on “INDIVIDUAL” and put our back into raising the “INDIVIDUAL.”
Not to mention improvement of soccer, we fix “FC REALE” firmly as a “place to cultivate human” to guide each life of children.
We promote to “create an environment” for children to learn to have a clear goal and make an effort, which is essential for growth, through soccer experiences such as compete, considerate, fight, combine forces.

For that reason, FC REALE coaches are required to analyze conditions, think over and respond at any time.
One of the coach and the board member, Santosh SHAHUKHALA taking a leading part has meeting whenever they have time.

Translated by Kaori Hattori