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子どもたち一人ひとりの心と向き合う〜FCレアーレのミーティング Let’s Change Life By Greetings!

子どもたち一人ひとりの心と向き合う〜FCレアーレのミーティング Let’s Change Life By Greetings!











Let’s Change Life By Greetings!
Roll Up Sleeves For Soccer! 

The FC REALE is not only to teach how to play soccer but aiming to create opportunities for children to strengthen to go on living in future and to learn what is important as a human.

At the meeting of higher grades of elementary school, the Representative Director Miyoshi told how important greeting was. 

“Greeting is the first step for communications. Just one word of greeting has the power to change people’s hearts, causing a positive chain reaction.

I am hoping that all of you will be able to greet habitually, off course at soccer class, school and home. Once you could acquire that habit, your life will be changed.”

And the Board Member Santosh talked about the attitude of tackling soccer.

“’If this doesn’t work, let’s do that.’ Don’t ever compromise like that. You will never achieve what you chose by compromise.”

It will have a big impact on your life if you do your best with soccer and the REALE activities.

He spoke so to children.  

Not doing it because you are told to do but thinking what it is for and doing it willingly. With that hope we had set up meeting. Immediately the next day of the meeting there was a favourable change.

Oni coach reported that not like before they practiced with higher motivation and good concentration.

“I also realized they paid attention to greeting. I am happy to know the subject of the previous meeting has an effect,” said the coach Kotoba MIYOSHI.

FC REALE is a soccer club not only teaching how to play soccer but facing with each child’ heart thoughtfully. We keep aiming to be the field for children to grow up as a human, offering opportunities to learn, consider and practice.

That is the REALE style and we will do our best, bearing in our mind it. 

Thank you so much for your continued support.

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)