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全員でサッカー、全員で英語、今ある「壁」を全員で壊して、One team , family になる!We break the existing “wall” and become a One team, family!

全員でサッカー、全員で英語、今ある「壁」を全員で壊して、One team , family になる!We break the existing “wall” and become a One team, family!

毎週火曜日は、「レアーレ」という「One team」になるべく、大きな子が小さな子たちをリードし、全員でサッカーと英語を成長させていこう!ということに取り組んでいます。








私たちは、この取り組みを推進し、今までなかった、縦のつながりを作り、レアーレという大きく強いOne team、family を作っていきます。




We break the existing “wall” and become a One team, family!

Every Tuesday, we aim to become a “One team”, with older children leading the younger ones and saying, “Let’s improve soccer and English together!”

A professional soccer player, Nepalese player Santos, is participating in the practice of the children and showing a model while using English.

In addition, FC Reale has been actively introducing English for a long time by inviting volunteer coaches from overseas.

As a result of these efforts, four years ago, a female member who was in the second year of junior high school was scouted at the IMG Academy in the United States!

She is currently in the second year of high school, studying soccer. 

But she came back to Japan due to the spread of coronavirus in the United States, so we asked her to take part in the practice and to shared what she had learned abroad in English to FC REALE children from first grade to junior high school.

Children imitate them and improve steadily.
Older children teach younger children to understand their words and actions. Through this initiative, children will grow together.

From Japan to the world,
From the world to Japan,
We create a cycle of learning from experience and create an environment in which children can grow.

We will promote this effort, create connections between generations, and make the team a big and strong “One team” and “family”.

And we will actively devise so that children can communicate in English.

We want to be a team that evolves day by day.

We sincerely thank you for your support and cooperation, and we will continue to do our best.