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ネパールのレアーレキッズ大集合!おかげさまで、FC REALEネパールはこんなに大きくなりました。

ネパールのレアーレキッズ大集合!おかげさまで、FC REALEネパールはこんなに大きくなりました。

ネパールの首都カトマンズの郊外にあるティミで、FC REALEがスタートしたのは2013年のこと。



日本のクラウドファンディングで、多くの皆様にご協力いただき、2018 年には、ティミ市の公共広場にフェンスを設置することができました。








こんな時だからこそ、FC REALEの存在は子どもたちの心の支え!





Thanks to all, so many children are playing in FC REALE Nepal now!

FC REALE Nepal started in 2013 in Thimi, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

At that time, there were no fences yet, and during the season for growing crops, we couldn’t play soccer.

Seven years have passed since then!

We were able to install a fence in the public square of Thimi City in 2018 with the help of many people in Japan’s cloud founding.

As a result, the environment for playing soccer has been set up throughout the year, and it has become possible to practice soccer in the morning and evening.

The number of children gradually increased, and many girls joined the club last year.

The children from the beginning of the team have now grown to good adults, and some have joined the professional team and some have coached the elementary school team.

Nowadays, so many children are playing soccer with hope!

Nepal is a country in which the gap between rich and poor is larger than in Japan, and discrimination based on the occupational class known as the ”JATO"and gender and ethnicity still remains in society.

We will continue to play an active role through soccer so that children can change their society and work hard toward their dreams with hope.

Even in Nepal, the days of being unable to practice since March due to the influence of the coronavirus, the schools are still closed, but the children are trainig themselves.

At such times, the existence of FC REALE supports the hearts of children!

Until the day when we can practice together, we will do our best to survive this situation!