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目指せワンチーム!金曜日は小学1年生スペシャル練習日!To Unite! Special Friday

目指せワンチーム!金曜日は小学1年生スペシャル練習日!To Unite! Special Friday









To Unite! Special Friday For First Grade Elementary Students

One month has passed since the new school year started.

Thirteen of the first grade elementary students joined FC REALE Japan this year.

Those who used to attend Hato Club for pre-school children operated by Hato coach brought their friends. For the above reason, many more children joined the team than ordinary years and the lower grade team got very lively all at once.  

But at first, it could not be denied that children gathered from 4 different elementary schools in Ito city were awkward in groups with only the same school.

“Soccer is a team sport. It is important to learn techniques and also indispensable to raise the team strength. I thought that the first thing to do is to unite the team, getting rid of the school borders from kids and also their parents. And I started the class exclusive to the first grade students on Fridays.” said Hato coach.

Like this, Friday special training had started at LOLO ground.

Children gradually open their heart and talk each other during practice lately.

“Parents are very enthusiastic, gathering at LOLO ground, keeping an eye on kids and cheering up. The team is getting one and I am looking forward to the future.” said Hato coach.

The aim of FC REALE is to create the environment for coaches, parents and all adults around to go along to grow up as a human.We will never forget your kind support all the time and we do what each of us can do, forming a good team.We much appreciate your continued support and cooperation for this year.

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)