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夢を現実にする一番の方法は”Never give up”、ネパールと日本、2人の挑戦者たち! Two challengers in Nepal and Japan!

夢を現実にする一番の方法は”Never give up”、ネパールと日本、2人の挑戦者たち! Two challengers in Nepal and Japan!











The best way to make your dreams come true is “Never give up!”Two challengers in Nepal and Japan.

Nepal national team goalkeeper, Kiran came to Japan last year and challenged the J-League.

Although the challenge was unsuccessful, he returned to his Indian team and has continued to practice hard for the J-League.

In 2020, the infection of the new coronavirus has spread in India, the league has not started, and the situation where soccer cannot be played continues.
Even in such a situation, Kiran has a dream of becoming a “J.League”.

No matter how negative the situation may be, Kiran, who believes in himself and keeps staring at his dreams, has no time to be depressed and continues to practice alone.

In Japan as well, there are female athletes who are graduates of Reale who are practicing every day with the aim of playing an active role overseas.

Two challengers who believe in their potential and challenge themselves in Nepal and Japan.
Former Nepalese national team and experienced overseas player, Santos stands among them and constantly inspires and supports their motivation.

Through the activities of the “Hero Project”, we support athletes who strive to be professionals, have the ability to become professionals, and are willing to cooperate as role models for Reale in the future.

If you don’t give up and keep trying until your dreams come true, they will come true.

Don’t give up. It’s very simple, but few people get it done.
We dream together that day when they will be heroes

We will do our best to support you!
Please continue to support the “Hero Project” together!