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地元の人々の声援を受けて ヘタウダゴールドカップへ挑みます!

地元の人々の声援を受けて ヘタウダゴールドカップへ挑みます!







With the support of the locals, we will challenge the Hetauda Gold Cup!

FC Reale Nepal’s adult team, who will be competing in the Hetauda Gold Cup that started January 29, are ready for the match.Members are from 15 to 25 years old. One of the members is Anish, who teaches Japanese Reale Kids in the online Reale English class.

You can also watch the Interleague Play last week in preparation for the Gold Cup on You Tube.

On January 28th, the mayor of Thimi donated a jersey to each player with the words, “As a team representing Thimi, I wish you good luck in the Gold Cup.” A message of encouragement has also arrived from Nepalese soccer clubs living overseas, mainly from Thimi.

Nepal has a strong local love.With a lot of cheers from the local Thimi and cheers from Japan, FC Reale Nepal left Thimi today to challenge the official game for the first time in about a year.

The first leg of FC Reale Nepal will kick off from Sunday, January 31st at 1:00 pm Nepal time (4:15 pm Japan time)!

The match will be streamed live on the Goal Nepal Facebook page, so let’s all support it!