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食育講座の岡田竜一先生が 『ジュニアSoccer clinic 2020』に登場!

食育講座の岡田竜一先生が 『ジュニアSoccer clinic 2020』に登場!

2020年4月23日発売の少年サッカーの指導者と保護者のための育成専門誌『ジュニアSoccer clinic 2020』に、食育講座でお世話になっている岡田竜一先生の記事が掲載されています。




『ジュニアSoccer clinic 2020』


次の食事から実践してみよう^ ^」


Ryuichi Okada, a lecturer of the food education course,
Contribute to “Junior Soccer clinic 2020”!

Ryuichi Okada, an instructor of our food education course, was published in “Junior Soccer clinic 2020”, a training magazine for youth soccer leaders and parents.

In an article titled “How to Eat Your Body”
It does not mean that you should eat this food to make your body bigger, but it is made up of contents that you can use a checklist to find out the “causes” that make your body hard to grow.

For children, now that their activities are limited and they cannot practice, it is a great opportunity to carefully face their bodies.
We would like children to refer to Mr. Okada’s article and work on physical development.

“Junior Soccer clinic 2020”
(Published by Baseball Magazine)

Message from teacher Okada to children

“Be gracious because it’s a difficult situation.
Each time you chew at meal time


This means 〝Thank you 〟 in Japanese.

You can chew 10 times by counting. Eating gratefully three times per mouth may improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and you may see changes in your body. Let’s practice from the next meal ^ ^ “

Let’s get started today today for your future.