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Kiran, the hero project leader, cooperated in the support activities of “100PLUS” and distributed foods!

In Nepal, it has been locked down for over a month and a half, but the government is not providing sufficient support to the people.

Meanwhile, sports drink “100PLUS” Nepal provided food assistance to people who lost their income due to lockdown to prevent corona.

Kiran, the brand ambassador of “100PLUS”, also cooperated in the distribution.

He stood on the street in a mask and handed over food packs, encouraging people.

“Thanks to“ 100PLUS ”for giving me the opportunity to help people in need. It’s a tough situation, but if we all help each other, we can overcome it. Let’s stay at home, wash our hands well, and keep a social distance. ”

Enlightening society and encouraging and encouraging people are also important roles of heroes.

Reale World’s Hero Project is not just about raising star players, it is about transforming society through leaders that can inspire people and lead them in a better direction.

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thank you 100Plus Nepal For Providing This opportunity to me to share foods to the needy people i was really emotional…

Kiran Chemjongさんの投稿 2020年5月9日土曜日