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ネパールで、コーチ育成のためのワークショップを開催! We have started a workshop for coach development in Nepal.

ネパールで、コーチ育成のためのワークショップを開催! We have started a workshop for coach development in Nepal.





そこで、レアーレワールドでは、FC REALEネパールの練習再開に備えて、コーチ育成のためのワークショップを開催することにしました。

講師は、イギリスでコーチングを学んだFC REALEネパールのバル・ゴパル監督です。

FC REALEの選手16歳以上の6名が参加し、6~10歳の子どもたちの指導に必要なコーチとしての基礎を理論と実践の両面から学びます。

FC REALEネパールの練習が再開された暁には、彼らには、FC REALEのU10のコーチをしてもらう予定です。





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Fc REALEさんの投稿 2020年7月25日土曜日

We have started a workshop for coach development in Nepal.

In Nepal, some lockdowns were eased from 22 July, but schools and stadiums are still closed.

In such a situation,, the first day of the workshop”youth football development  coaching module level 1” sponsored by REALE WORLD was held on July 25.

Soccer is a very popular sport in Nepal, but there is a lack of coaches with both theoretical and practical training.

Therefore, at REALE WORLD, we decided to hold a workshop to train coaches in preparation for the resumption of FC REALE training in Nepal.

The instructor is Bal Gopal,  the FC REALE head coach, and who studied coaching in the UK.

Six FC REALE players aged 16 and over participated and learned the basics as a coach necessary for coaching children aged 6 to 10 from both theoretical and practical viewpoints.

When FC REALE practice is resumed, they will be coaching FC REALE U10.

“Experience is important for coaching, so I want younger ones to learn from now. By teaching younger children, they can gain valuable experience both as a player and as a coach. And if coaches grow, children can get better coaching.” (Bar Gopal)

Coach training gives young athletes more options in the future.

It is very important to work to increase young people’s future options in Nepal where there are fewer employment opportunities than in Japan,

FC REALE will continue to carry out various activities to create a society in which children in Nepal can live with hope.