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FC レアーレには、小さいながら屋根付きの屋内グラウンド「ロログラウンド」があります。
FC レアーレの子どもたちが、雨の日でも、少しでもサッカーができるようにと、パートナーであるフェアトレード雑貨屋「LOLO SITOA」の売り上げで、建てられたものです。





The parents of FC Reale donated a new door to Lologround!

FC Reale has a small but covered indoor ground “Lolo Ground”.
It was built with the sales of our partner fair trade shop “LOLO SITOA” so that children of FC Reale can play soccer even on rainy days.

A strong wind broke the door at the end of last year and we were using concrete panels instead of the door. Parents saw it and voluntarily made a nice sturdy door with a donation.
thank you very much.

FC Reale has been able to continue its activities with the support of many people, but the cooperation of parents is essential above all.

We will continue to aim for children, coaches, and parents to become one team and one family, and to make the best use of their strengths, cooperate with each other, and raise children together.

In 2021, all the coaches and management staff will make further efforts to build a better team and grow each player, so we look forward to your continued support.