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~OBの活躍~ヨットでインターハイへ!熱海高校3年 田畑武佐士さん

~OBの活躍~ヨットでインターハイへ!熱海高校3年 田畑武佐士さん











Activities of OB
To compete in The Inter-Scholastic Athletic Yacht Competition!
Musashi TABATA, 3rd Year of ATAMI High School

It is the 20th year since FC REALE, including its predecessor FC FUTO, was founded.
Those original members at that time have now become university students and working adults and Some of them often come to support active members to practise, if they find the time.
Children are also learning from their OB and OG.

One of them is Musashi TABATA, who stimulates REALE kids for their growth by showing his active appearance.
Some of you may have already read about him in the Izu newspaper.
TABATA, a 3rd year student of ATAMI high school, belongs to the Yacht club, competing in the Interscholastic Athletic Yacht Competition this summer.
It would be the first time in 3 years for ATAMI high school to participate in the Competition and he talked about how motivated he was in the newspaper, “Aiming to win 3rd place.”

“We played soccer together up to 6th grade of elementary school. He was a mischievous boy but so thoughtful that he took good care of the younger kids.
His older brother was also a REALE member and he supports REALE with the whole family letting us put up a REALE Cup poster and also by donations.
So I’m so happy about his activity. And he is looking good in this picture! (said FC REALE coach, Hayato KIZAKI )”

A left handed fine striker with speed.
If he had carried on soccer…
I imagine “if,” but we are happy for him to find his own way, challenging with his utmost effort.
We are feeling very much appreciation for the time we spent together in the process of growing into a youth.

“We are happy if the relationships and experiences he got through REALE could have been supportive for him.
I will sincerely yell for him! (Hayato KIZAKI)

◉The Competition schedule : 13-16 AUG
Please cheer for him! 

Translated by Kaori Hattori