• REALE Philosophy

子どもたちの育成に関わる者としての私たちのポリシー Our policy

子どもたちの育成に関わる者としての私たちのポリシー Our policy


代表の三好のポリシーであり、私たちNPO REALE WORLD のポリシーは、「無責任なことは、しない」。



  • ●自分がしたことのないことは、言わない。
  • ●自分ができないことは、言わない。
  • ●自分が言ったら、やる!



Our policy

We have established children’s soccer teams in Japan and Nepal, and through the sport “soccer” that is loved all over the world, we foster the ability of children to survive in the coming age. 

It is the policy of chairman of the board, Miyoshi, and the policy of us NPO REALE WORLD is “Do not do irresponsible things”.

What we do in our activities, especially in Japan, is that Miyoshi herself has tried with her own children, and we are only doing what was meaningful and what was the result to the children of Reale.

The “meaning and result” here is not a numerical value that is commonly referred to as “evidence”,

  • Don’t say anything we’ve never done.
  • ● Don’t say what we can’t do.
  • ● If we say it, do it!

With this attitude in everything, we try only what we can say with confidence with our children.

This is our way of life.
We will continue to take responsibility for our actions and act with confidence!