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試合をする機会が少ないネパールの子どもたちのために、レアーレカップネパール開催 The REALE CUP in NEPAL

試合をする機会が少ないネパールの子どもたちのために、レアーレカップネパール開催 The REALE CUP in NEPAL



今回は、男子U12、男子U 15、女子(年齢制限なし)の3つのグループにて試合が行われます。






Thanks to Your Support to Nepalese Kids!The REALE CUP in NEPAL Open At The REALE Ground Today! 

The REALE CUP in Nepal which was postponed for one year due to Covid-19 is finally open today 03APR till 08APR.

Today on the first day of the CUP, Madhyapur Mayor of Thimi, the Nepal national team GK Kiran, the former Nepal national team player, the Nepal female national team player and manager came watch the competition.    

While the team members were nervous, they fought heated battles in front of prominent guests.

There are three groups for Men’s U12, Men’s U15 and Women’s (no age limit)

During the first 4 days, Women’s 9 teams separated into 2 group will play a league match, continuing to Men’s tournament

The venue is the REALE ground in Bode, Thimi.

Thanks to your great support for crowdfunding campaign in 2017, we could raise fund to dress a vacant land (property of the Thimi city) surface smooth to be able to use as a soccer ground cooperating with government. It is now used every day for FC REALE practice and a playground for neighbor children.

At every rainy season, soil are carried away and the land surface get uneven. The fence and net are torn. But thanks to your every year support, we could manage to maintain them in well condition.

In Nepal, children have much less chance for playing soccer at competitions than in Japan. So we wish the REALE CUP to arouse children’s motivation and to provide a lot of fun and also strictness of competitions.

We greatly appreciate that we could have lots of support from you approving our activities and thank you very much for your continuous support.

(Translated by Kaori Hattori)