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ネパールの子どもたちに届け、レアーレパワー! Delivered Reale Power! to children in Nepal!

ネパールの子どもたちに届け、レアーレパワー! Delivered Reale Power! to children in Nepal!









Delivered Reale Power! to children in Nepal!

We were finally able to receive the package we sent to Nepal in March in Nepal.

Nepal has been locked down for a long time since March due to the influence of the corona.

Normally, the parcel arrives in less than a week, but due to the suspension of post office operations and restrictions on the operation of general vehicles, it was difficult to pick it up, and finally we received a report from Nepal that the parcel was received.

The contents of the boxes are shoes, balls, uniforms, etc. donated from Japan.

Nepal hasn’t been able to reopen school yet, and children of Nepal  are tired of corona.
We will deliver Reale Power to the children.

Even in the situation with Corona, we can continue such activities with the support of the people who donated and the supporters.

Also, this time, the officials of CYC (Chyasal Youth Club), who is working on the hero project with us, supported the receipt of the luggage at the site.It is difficult to receive parcel in Nepal every time, but with their support, we are able to receive it more smoothly than usual.

We are really thankful to all of you.