• REALE Ground

一歩一歩前へ!グラウンドプロジェクトへの ご支援とご協力をお願い! Thank You for Your Future Support As Well

一歩一歩前へ!グラウンドプロジェクトへの ご支援とご協力をお願い! Thank You for Your Future Support As Well







Name Board Attachment Completed! Thank You for Your Future Support As Well

The REALE Ground project, NPO’s long-planned project since its foundation, finally has launched out.
The REALE Ground will be the place of recreation and relaxation for all local people; where children can freely enjoy sports, the elderly can exercise and all generations can have chances to socialize.
And at the place, we will raise young people who can light up the future world brightly with hope. That is our very big goal.

The REALE Ground project is going forward step by step with great supports from Keihin Biso Inc. and others.
The FC REALE head coach, Kotoba Miyoshi installed a name board at the entrance by himself. That should be a memorable starting event for the REALE WORLD’s big challenge.

The ground needs to be flattened, fenced around, covered with artificial lawn and set an office…there is a long way to go but we would like to create the place full of hope with all of our supporters.
We are always thankful for your contributions and also appreciate your kind cooperation for introducing us of supporting companies, providing information of low cost rental machinery and building materials.
Your advices will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.    

English translated by Kaori Hattori