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サッカーを通しての縦のつながりを大切に! Learn Vertical Relationships through Succor Playing

サッカーを通しての縦のつながりを大切に! Learn Vertical Relationships through Succor Playing








Adults and Children Get All Together!Learn Vertical Relationships through Succor Playing 

Two board members, Mr. Tada and Mr. Sakachi came to Ito-city for field visits and meeting last Saturday.

After meeting, training started with Mr. Sakachi joining the team at LOLO ground.

Recently the vertical relationships is getting weak in Japan and children rarely have chance to talk with adults other than parents, school teachers and coaches.

We, Reale World think it is very important to expand children’s horizons and provide opportunities for them to meet adults having various kinds of careers. So our board members act positively with children.

Mr. Sakachi, who used to play succor between the age of 3 to 18 and experienced a national futsal competition,  

chased the ball enthusiastically that day. 

“What a great time with kids today. I did really enjoy playing succor seriously.  I got some awareness after laughing, running getting out of breath with kids ” said Mr. Sakachi.

Children also had a happy and exciting time.

The Reale World will have action to promote for children, adults and everyone to grow up together through a sport, succor.